Friday, April 2, 2010

The Amazing Grace Kelly

I was amazed to see Grace Kelly's face on the cover of the current issue (May 2010) of Vanity Fair in the supermarket today, and thought it ironic that the May "Meet Me at the Movies" event will be Rear Window (1954). It was after she made the Hitchcock classic that Kelly's career really caught fire. She would eventually go on to win an Academy Award for The Country Girl (1954).

Grace Kelly died almost 30 years ago, but we're still fascinated by her life. It's remarkable to note that she had lead roles in barely eight films; five of them were released in 1954! The three she made with Alfred Hitchcock not only immortalized her on film, but, with a little help from costume designer, Edith Head, made her an American fashion icon.

A year after she filmed To Catch a Thief (1955), Grace met and married Prince Rainier of Monaco, leaving Hollywood and her film career forever.

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