Saturday, March 25, 2017

Chicago Film Club field trip: “North By Northwest” April 2 at ShowPlace ICON at Roosevelt Road

Directed by Hitchcock—“The Master of Suspense”—and starring Cary Grant, Eva Marie Saint, and James Mason, North By Northwest is one of the classiest espionage films ever made. 

Grant plays advertising executive Roger O. Thornhill (ROT) who is mistaken for an American agent and framed for murder. Saint plays the mistress of real spy Mason and is used as bait to catch Grant. 

The movie features some great Chicago locations, including the Ambassador East Hotel, the old LaSalle Street train station, and a glimpse of late-1950s Michigan Avenue. 

The success of this film led to Grant being offered the role of James Bond, which he turned down. Grant thought he was too old to play Ian Fleming’s famous agent 007

If you want to purchase your ticket in advance, click here. Tickets are also available at the theater.

After the movie, depending on interest, we may go into the Lobby Lounge to discuss the film. We did this after All About Eve and it was a lot of fun.

First-timers: Look for me with the meetup sign before the theater entrance.

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