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Have a classic movie question for the Classic Movie Man? Can’t remember the name of a film or have a question about classic Hollywood? If you have an opinion on a particular movie or just want to start a conversation, feel free to post something here. Just ask and I’ll respond right here!

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  1. Hello! I'm new to Chicago and was wondering if the city ever shows classic or modern movies in Grant Park during the summer?

  2. Welcome to Chicago! They do show classic films in Grant Park. Last year was an exception. Other parks and neighborhoods show classic films as well. Check out the schedule by following this link Once you get to this site, there's another link that lists all the movies in the park all over Chicago. Some great movies are being screened including Alfred Hitchcock's "Vertigo." Chicago is a great place in the summer. Enjoy and thanks for stopping by!

  3. Thank you Stephen! I'm enjoying Chicago tremendously so far! Thank you for the links, it looks like they have a variety of film choices throughout the summer!

  4. Thanks for coming back for a visit. There are some great classic films being screened in the parks this summer. Enjoy!

  5. what is the name of the movie where the husband pushes his wife off a cliff and she doesn't die, but he thinks she did and she gets plastic surgery and comes back to get revenge. it's a black and white movie

    1. Wow, that's a tough one. You've got the Classic Movie Man scratching his head. I'll see if I can figure this one out.

  6. HI MOVIE MAN...GREAT TO MEET YOU! I do programs about classic movies and the power of costume.
    There's one example that I want to use, and I can't find the name of the movie.

    Here's the story: A mother (I think it was Joan Bennett) is a socialite living on SF Bay. Her daughter has become involved with a gambler/hood who is threatening blackmail (letters!) and will torpedo the brilliant marriage daughter is about to have.

    The mother decides she has to kill the villain. She gets a revolver out of the drawer of her vanity table (we all have one, right?), slips on a full-length mink coat and goes down to the small pier (her high heels clicking on the walkway.) She gets into the small boat, expertly "pulls the cord" to start the motor, and, standing at the stern, expertly steers the tiny boat across the bay.

    I LOVE the absurdity of the costume for the scene (replicated in THE BIRDS).

    SOoo, what's this movie I'm trying to remember? It's not "The House Across the Bay." Do you happen to know what it is?

    I would be SOoo appreciative if I can add this story to my (Fun!) program.

    Gloria Heidi

    1. Gloria, I think the movie you're trying to remember is "The Reckless Moment." Joan Bennett stars as the mother and James Mason tries to blackmail her.

  7. Stephen / Classic Movie Man -

    We respect Dana Andrews as one of our finest actors.
    In doing research on the great Carson McCullers, we found that Dana starred in a nineteen minute short in 1978 based on her story 'A Tree, A Rock, A Cloud.'
    But, after relentless searches, we were unable to find any details on this film anywhere.
    The various Carson McCullers sites are devoid of anything other than the title (some even lack that).

    IMDB only lists the title, the nineteen minute length and the fact that Dana starred. That is it. It does not even list the production company, where it aired, any synopsis, or even the co-stars.
    We interacted with Carl Rollyson, the author of the great biography, 'Hollywood Enigma: Dana Andrews,' and even he regretted that he found no details in his extensive research and, like us, would truly love to screen what we are sure is a lost gem just waiting to be discovered.
    So we are presenting you and your film afficionados with a true noirish detective mystery. 1978 was not so long ago. There are people out there that must be familiar with this project and others who had to be directly involved in its production. If it was aired on TV, it would be a total trip if anyone taped it. If it perhaps was a public television piece, national or local, we have not sourced that. Would Dana have done a totally independent venture because it was a McCullers project? There has yet to be a clue to be found. (Obviously, it has not been found anywhere in the world for sale).
    We will certainly continue our efforts and share any findings.
    Your mission, Stephen and Dana people, should you choose to accept, is to find out just who else acted in and was on the crew with this thing, who the production company was, who owns it now, and why it was allowed to disappear as if it never existed in the first place.
    There appears to be a background story here that may prove to be of deep and strange import. Works of a major star such as Dana do not just totally disappear like this for no good (or bad) reason.
    Let us solve this strange mystery!..and hopefully be able to eventually screen what we are sure will turn out to be an acting tour de force by Dana Andrews of what most acclaim as Carson McCullers' greatest short story.



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