Wednesday, February 24, 2010

"A Loud Cheer for the Screwball Girl"

Carole Lombard in Life magazine
In October of 1938, Carole Lombard was the cover story of Life magazine. The title of the piece was called, "A Loud Cheer for the Screwball Girl" by Noel F. Busch. It serves as a primary source for those of us interested in Ms. Lombard and her career in film.

She's the top!
The article captures Lombard at a highpoint in her career where it seemed the sky was the limit. She was the top-paid actress in Hollywood at the time the article was printed, making a reported $150,000 per picture, an almost unheard of sum during the depression. Making a $150,000 a year sounds like a dream for most people in today's economy. But that being as it may, the feature is a small window into the world of one of the brightest stars from Hollywood's golden age.

For a link to the complete article, click here.

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