Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Quiet Before the 1906 Earthquake

This isn’t your typical Classic Movie Man blog post, but this historic piece of film was taken on April 14, 1906 on San Francisco’s Market St. That was just four days before the great earthquake destroyed nearly 80 percent of the city. April 14 was a Saturday and the street is teaming with streetcars, horse-drawn carriages, pedestrians, and automobiles. Just imagine what Michigan Ave. in Chicago and Broadway in New York City would have looked like during the same time period.

Sound has been added to give you a more realistic impression of what the sounds of the city were like. I guarantee you’ll be riveted to this amazing footage from America’s past.

This amazing footage was brought to our attention by the Web site SLOID. They have a lot of interesting videos posted to their site. To take a look at SLOID, click here.


  1. This is fascinating footage, especially the mix of horse-drawn carriages, automobiles and trolley cars. I kept expecting to see a fender-bender or a pedestrian get hit!

    1. I know. There were some several close-calls between pedestrians, carriages, streetcars, automobiles. And it was a Saturday. Imagine what it was like during a normal business week!


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