Monday, March 29, 2010

Wedding Day for Gable and Lombard

Married March 29, 1939

On March 29, 1939,  Clark Gable and Carole Lombard were married in Kingman, Arizona.

With the help of Gable's press agent and friend, Otto Winkler, Gable and Lombard managed to elope without the press getting wind of it. Gable had a brief break from the filming of Gone With The Wind so he took full advantage of the opportunity to marry Lombard.

The pair would buy a modest (by Hollywood standards) two-story home from director Raoul Walsh. The press comically dubbed it the house of the two Gables.

From all accounts Gable and Lombard were perfectly matched. Both were at the top of the heap as far as fame and popularity were concerned and their personalities, Gable shy and withdrawn, Lombard outgoing and boisterous, complimented each other. They called each other Ma and Pa and settled into life on their "ranch" until the day of Lombard's tragic death in January 1942.

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